Science@Work Lecture on Underwater Forensics

The last speaker in the Science@Work series at Tabor Academy this year is Rhonda Moniz, an underwater forensics specialist, filmmaker, journalist, and ROV pilot/supervisor.

            Moniz is also a diving safety officer, and specializes in the use of marine technology in underwater search and recovery, and aquatic crime scene investigation. She has also worked over the past twenty years, as a lead science diver and diving instructor. Moniz is the founder and Director of Operations for Underwater Investigative Group, a company specializing in underwater forensics, and marine technology. She has been involved in a number of expeditions around the globe including several as the first female ROV pilot for Dr. Robert Ballard, who found the Titanic and discovered the presence of hydrothermal vents. During those expeditions, they discovered countless ancient shipwrecks, some that predated the time of Christ, at depths exceeding 10,000 feet. 

            Moniz is Chairman of the Board for the New England chapter of the Marine Technology Society as well as President of the Marine Oceanographic Technology Network. She is a published author and has acted as a subject matter expert for a number of television productions including a new series on Oxygen Channel. Her work as a dive leader, explorer, filmmaker, and journalist has taken her around the world.

            Participate in an engaging evening as Rhonda Moniz shares information and photos from her underwater explorations. Her lecture is free and open to the public on April 15at 6:30 pm at Tabor Academy in the Lyndon South Auditorium at 242 Front Street, Marion.

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