Rochester Boat Racing Viewing Spots

The Rochester Land Trust invites you to view the Memorial Day Boat Race from a viewing spot on one of its properties along the Mattapoisett River. The Church’s Field River Trail at approximately 101 Mattapoisett Road leads to Church’s Falls, a wide open-area, where watchers can sit on one of several riverside benches and see the racers as they pass by the site of the historic Church Mill. Access is a fairly easy ½ mile walk on a well-maintained trail with plank bridges spanning potential wet areas.

The Shoolman Preserve at 200 New Bedford Road offers two more secluded spots to view the race, which require passing through wet areas along the trails as you get close to the river. These viewing spots are smaller than at Church, but there are small benches right on the riverside. Twenty-seven species of birds were heard and or seen on a recent birding walk along the Shoolman trails.

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