RMS Students Learn Through ‘Play’

Mr. Tom Kinsky teaches second grade at Rochester Memorial School (RMS) and has pioneered several creative projects including the establishment of a popular organic garden that can be seen and accessed from the playground and an educational classroom production for students and family members.

            The final performance of the “2K Theater” on February 1 included a reception for the actors and audience.

            “On January 31 and February 1, my second grade class at RMS put on a play for parents and classmates entitled “The First Tortilla,” an adaptation they created of a Mexican legend telling how tortillas came to be part of the Mexican diet,” Kinsky said. “The play was a big success, with characters such as villagers, jaguars, a hummingbird, ants, two brave young girls, even a Mountain Spirit.

            “One of the highlights of the play was the scene where an on-stage volcano exploded and lava came shooting out of the crater. After the last performance, students enjoyed Mexican-themed snacks which their parents brought in, before getting to work on the set take-down and room clean-up.”

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  1. jackie demers says:

    super class project…..would be great to teach all the kids about organic gardening….what a gift to teach that food doesn’t have to come from markets…..way to go Tom.

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