Remember the Bike Path on Giving Tuesday

The Friends of the Mattapoisett Bicycle and Recreational Path, Inc. (the Friends) are requesting that interested members of the community consider a donation to the Friends in their Giving Tuesday and year-end giving plans.

            “Given the funds recently approved by Congress for the construction of bike paths, this is a moment of opportunity,” observes newly elected Friends President Renee Pothier, “and contributions to the Friends at this time will increase the capacity to take advantage of this opportunity through collaboration with all of our community partners.”

            Thanks to the generosity of this community, the Friends have supplied more than $200,000 to support the construction of the bike path since its inception.

            Below is the recap of the Friends accomplishments in 2021:

            -Provided $95,000 to help fund the Marion Connector which was completed early in the summer.

            -Committed $20,000 for amenities such as benches and bicycle racks which are scheduled for installation along the path in the first half of 2022.

            -Partnered with the Mattapoisett Recreation Department to start a new initiative, Bikes for All, which refurbishes donated bicycles and makes them available free of charge to members of the community. In the first months of this initiative, our generous community donated over 150 bikes. The Friends has already refurbished and given fifty of these bikes to children and adults throughout our community who are enjoying them.

            None of these accomplishments would have happened without our community’s shared desire to help one another enjoy safe bicycling.

            In 2022, the Friends will be working to support the Town of Mattapoisett to complete the few segments of the bike path which remain unbuilt. This will require an initial investment of funds to cover preliminary activities such as design, engineering, appraisal, and environmental work so that the Town is in position to make applications for available grants.

            Again, please consider a contribution to the Friends of the Mattapoisett Bicycle and Recreational Path. Your contribution, along with the funds recently approved by Congress, provides a significant opportunity for our town.

            You can mail your contribution or donate online.

            By mail: make checks payable to the Friends of the Mattapoisett Bicycle and Recreational Path, P.O. Box 1336, Mattapoisett, MA 02739.

            Online: or at our GoFundMe page. The Friends will use all funds received to support the completion of the path and path amenities unless designated for the Bikes for All program.

            Friends of the Mattapoisett Bicycle and Recreational Path, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. Contributions to the Friends are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Contacts: Liz DiCarlo, 508-942-9343,; and Bill Coquillette, 216-789-2303,

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