Point Connett Youngsters Bake to “Save the Creek”

Lena Paull, Maya Warren, and Harper Warren are serious about caring for our planet. When these friends, ages 9 to 11, learned that the Mattapoisett Land Trust (MLT) is raising money to conserve 120 acres of critical unspoiled landscape in the Pine Island Pond Watershed, they wanted to help. Saturday morning on July 20th, one of the hottest days this summer, found them baking treats and squeezing lemons for lemonade. That afternoon, the three were at Point Connett’s Sandy Beach in the blazing sun selling lemonade, cookies, and brownies and explaining the Pine Island project. “It’s important to save the land to protect the clean water in our creek,” explained Maya as she poured lemonade for a customer. “The creek is beautiful and clear and flows right into Pine Island Pond and the harbor.” Proceeds of the bake sale totaled $214.76, which they have donated to MLT for the Pine Island lands.

            “This is the most heart-warming donation we’ve received,” said Mike Huguenin, MLT’s President. “These youngsters get it – they instinctively understand the connections between land protection, water quality, scenic beauty, and the quality of life we enjoy in Mattapoisett. Their support inspires us to keep at it.”

            As of August 1, MLT has raised 95% of the $1.5 million needed to save the Pine Island lands, with only $74,000 still needed. Will you join Lena, Maya, and Harper to help save the Pine Island Watershed lands? To donate or for more information, please email info@mattlandtrust.org.

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