Oars for Scholars

The Sippican Woman’s Club has had a yearly focus on raising money for scholarships since 1947. The Holiday House Tour is always the main event to raise funds. However, this summer, the Sippican Woman’s Club will have “Oars for Scholars”, where students and local artists will paint their oars or paddles to create individual artistic creations. In the summer, these oars will be displayed around Marion, and a silent auction will ensue.

            To begin this project, the students of the Art Club of ORRHS, under the enthusiastic direction of art teacher Kate Butler, have chosen their oar or paddle. Each student is excited to begin to transform their oar/paddle into a unique, distinctive piece of art.

            The Sippican Woman’s Club still needs oars or paddles donated to the project. If you have any, please contact info@sippicanwomansclub.org, and we will pick it up.

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