MLT Travels to Nantucket with ORR Science Students

On May 9, forty of Lynn Connor’s ORR Marine Biology and Advanced Placement Environmental Science students will travel to The Brandt Point Shellfish Hatchery on Nantucket. The purpose of the visit is a tour and to study the Hatchery’s process of spawning to grow-out, how shellfish affect water quality and methods of farming oysters. There will be Marine Biologists and specialists who will explain the importance of restoration and methodology of recording species for density and biodiversity. They will meet with Leah Cabral Hill, Assistant Shellfish Biologist of Nantucket’s Natural Resources at the Hatchery, who has planned, coordinated and offered flexible time and space for the group while they are there.

“Leah Cabral Hill brought Nantucket’s oyster restoration project to life.” She and volunteers made sure no shell was left behind and the Natural Resources Department continues to monitor the light and temperature of the reef process. Ultimately, there will be an entirely new ecosystem, which will provide habitat for Nantucket’s aquatic species.

            The students will be accompanied by two of MLT’s own Board Members, in the field of biology, Mary Cabral, retired ORR Biology teacher and Wendy Copps, Coastal Engineer with a Master’s in the study of ecology of wetlands and ecosystems.

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