MLT and MWC Connect with Center School Science Program

            In early August when Ben Squire, ORR Elementary Science Coordinator, requested 200 daffodil bulbs for Center School’s third grade life science program, the Mattapoisett Land Trust Education Committee decided to partner with Mattapoisett Woman’s Club Garden group to make this happen.

            Cindy Turse, co-chair of MWC Garden Group, said that since 2019 the members have established planting areas around town for daffodils. The Police Station, the flagpole at the Library, the welcome sign at the entrance to the Industrial Park, the triangle east of Oxford Creamery, and the Town Hall. “What started out to be a low-scale daffodil beautifying project morphed into a full on fundraiser, and high on the heels of success, the Garden group’s 2021 order was for 4,000 bulbs,” said Turse, who also serves on MLT ED committee.

            So, the Education Committee chose to partner with the MWC Garden group and ordered 200 daffodil bulbs for the Center School Science program. On Wednesday, September 22, Cindy Turse and Ellen P. Flynn, MLT Board of Directors and chair of Education, arranged for pick-up and delivery to Ben Squire at Center School.

            Ben Squire said the “project will start immediately examining the plant life cycle, plant structures of root, and ultimately stem and leaves after planting.”

            The Land Trust ED committee has ordered the book titled “From Bulb to Daffodil” from Scholastic News, by Ellen Weiss, and will create a StoryWalk around the school.

            Flynn said this collaboration brings two non-profit organizations together with the common goal of supporting science education and conserving lands for our future generations.

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