Miles for Memorial School

On Thursday, May 30, the Rochester Memorial School community will be participating in the Third Annual “Miles for Memorial School Kid’s Fitness Challenge.” This daylong community service event will be dedicated to promoting “Physical Activity,” while providing a grassroots fundraising effort in support of fitness and fun.

This year’s challenge course will be open to all students from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The 2-mile loop of supervised roadways that surround the Memorial School challenges students to move their bodies at a moderate to vigorous pace (brisk walk, jog, run, etc.) from beginning to end.

With support from their teachers, students can set personal and/or group fitness goals. Data will be collected and analyzed by students, at the discretion of classroom teachers. Throughout the day, raffle tickets will be distributed to students who are “caught” engaging in behaviors that support the health and wellness of themselves and others. Tickets can then be entered into a drawing to win prizes that encourage physical activity. Returning this year are the “drop-in” activities, where students can take a break from the challenge course while still remaining physically active and engaged.

In support of our student fitness challenge, financial sponsor donations are once again being sought from friends and family members. These donations will help in the construction of the Rochester Memorial School playground. For details or to make an online sponsor donation using PayPal, please visit the RMS-PTO website, or

Event sponsors, raffle prizes and volunteers are still needed. If interested and/or available, please visit for details and confirmation. Your support and generosity is greatly appreciated!

This community service event creates an opportunity to make real-world connections to school curriculum and instruction. The concept is rooted in the National Association for Sport and Physical Education standards that support the development and maintenance of good health in students throughout the United States. The goal of RMS Physical Education is to develop individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity!

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