MFD Reminds Residents of Outdoor Burning Rules

Chief Brian Jackvony and the Marion Fire Department would like to announce that the State Open Burning Season begins on Wednesday, January 15 and runs through Friday, May 1.

            All residents who wish to apply for permits can do so by visiting the Marion Fire station, 50 Spring St., to fill out the required paperwork. The permits are free.

            Residents who have already obtained permits need to call 508-748-3508 on the day they wish to burn. Callers will hear a message which will inform them if burning is allowed that day and instruct them to leave their name, address and permit number.

            If burning is not allowed that day, the phone message will say so.

            Residents should not call before 9:30 am. Residents may burn from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, but will not be permitted to begin burning after 12:00 pm.

            Permits carry over from year to year and residents who have obtained a permit in the past do not need to apply for a new one.

            Outdoor burning is only permitted for brush, cane, and driftwood from other than commercial or industrial clearing. Burning grass, refuse, leaves, stumps, construction debris and commercial or industrial land clearing for non-agricultural purposes is prohibited.

            Violations of the permit requirements, open burning law and/or open burning regulations will be grounds for permit revocation. According to Massachusetts law, anyone found burning without a permit may be subject to criminal charges, the punishment for which is a fine of up to $500, plus the cost of suppression, or by imprisonment for up to one month, or both.

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