Mattapoisett Complete Streets Award

The Town of Mattapoisett has received a $260,000 award from the State’s Complete Street Funding Program.

            The Town will be working with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation in spending these funds to address the following needs:

            Brandt Island Road: Safety Improvements— This would include the installation of advance signage and radar speed feedback signs along Brandt Island Road in the vicinity of the Mattapoisett Rail Trail. It also includes updates at the rail trail to improve intersection visibility and the installation of compliant curb ramps and crosswalks.

            North Street: Safety Enhancement— This would include the installation of multiple radar speed feedback signs for traffic calming measures in locations north of I-195. It also includes signage and crosswalks to establish visibility of typical walking routes used by residents.

            Pearl Street: Sidewalk Extension— Work would include the construction of new sidewalks to eliminate the pedestrian network gap between Route 6 and Hammond Street.

            The Town would like to thank the efforts of the Bike Ped Committee, the Town’s Highway & Police Department, and William Mertz from World Tech Engineering for their assistance on the grant submission.

            These funds will go a long way in providing safe and accessible travel options for residents and visitors in the Mattapoisett community.

Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen Press Release

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