Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Around mid-August, Orientation at Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) begins. During this time, the Academy welcomes about 14-16 individuals, cadets, and staff, from the International Maritime University of Panama (UMIP) to join our Orientation programs. Their experience begins and ends on campus. The UMIP underclassmen fully immerse in orientation, while the upperclassmen receive hands-on deck and engine experience by working on the T.S. Kennedy, alongside exceptional MMA cadets and staff.

Out of the three-weeks activities and events that these UMIP cadets experience, all UMIP cadet participants have unanimously expressed that their time spent with the Mattapoisett Yacht Club is one of the highlight experiences while on this program. Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s Schoolship Repairman, Thomas Tucker, has volunteered his time since 2015 to take UMIP cadets to one of the Mattapoisett Yacht Club’s PHFR Races held every year. This year is no different; he will be taking 13 UMIP cadets and two staff members next Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018, to set sail and feel the rush of navigating sails on Cape Cod waters. The annual event and opportunity would not be possible without the help of incredible individuals such as Rich Gleason, Richard Joy, and the Yacht Club’s Commodore Ed Sargent. These individuals know how to show MMA’s international friends a fully immersive experience. After the sails drop, they end the day by taking the UMIP cadets to Nick’s Pizza for a well-deserved dinner.

Thank you Mattapoisett Yacht Club for embracing MMA’s international cadet participants.

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