Marion Music Hall – Putting Some Snap into the Village

Designed by noted architect William Gibbons Preston in 1891, the Marion Music Hall stands proudly as a welcome beacon to all who enter the heart of the town. It was founder Elizabeth Taber’s wish that the Marion Music Hall offer lectures, concerts, meetings and festive occasions to enrich the quality of life and “put some snap into her village.” 

            Since its establishment over twenty years ago, the Marion Music Hall Advisory Committee has worked diligently to maintain this historic gem and realize Ms. Taber’s vision. As a result, over the past few years, the Music Hall has truly come alive! 

            Acoustical improvements – including tiles on the stage and main hall ceilings as well as a new Bose sound system – have received rave reviews from musicians, performers and audiences alike.

            Tabor Academy’s collection of paintings by prominent Marion artist Cecil Clark Davis, on permanent loan from the Sippican Historical Society, now grace the walls of the Reading Room and the Main Hall.  With upgraded lighting, controls and a generator, visitors can fully enjoy and appreciate these beautiful portraits whenever attending an event at the Hall. 

            The completed upgrades are resulting in more rentals and general use of this community centerpiece – reestablishing it as the town’s premier meeting place.  Concerts, celebrations, fundraisers, exercise classes, book sales, meetings, lectures, movie nights and weddings are filling the calendar. Elizabeth Taber would surely be delighted with all of the “snap” happening in her village.

            Much has been done, but there’s no stopping now! A very special gift from the Paulsen family of a Steinway piano will soon be unveiled. After its restoration, this concert-level quality instrument will find a permanent home on the stage. The Marion Music Hall Advisory Committee is also working on future projects which include replacement of the copper gutters, foundation work and walkway repairs. These important improvements will only enhance the enjoyment of this special venue. 

            A preview of Fall events includes an acoustical concert plus two fundraisers, one for Bird Island as well as the Fall favorite Wine Tasting to benefit the YMCA. Marion Antiques will also present their popular Antique Auction on Thanksgiving weekend.

            If you or your organization is interested in booking the Marion Music Hall, please contact Tami Daniel, Marion Music Hall Coordinator, at 508-748-9556 or at (

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