Marion Art Center Brings ArtWeek to Town

Sit in on an authentic New-Orleans-style jam session, learn how to take better photos with your smartphone, create your own hand-dyed silk scarf, polish your acting skills, go on a musical journey with a trio of creative musicians, or see an original play about Marion’s Golden Age: that’s ArtWeek at the Marion Art Center (MAC), April 27 through May 6. ArtWeek is an award-winning, innovative 10-day festival featuring unique and creative experiences that are hands-on, interactive, or offer behind-the-scenes access to arts, culture, and the creative process. Now an annual statewide celebration of the arts, ArtWeek was born in Boston in 2013 and recently expanded its footprint across the Commonwealth.

The MAC community is thrilled to bring ArtWeek to Marion, sponsoring 18 fun and exciting events focused on music, theater, visual arts and crafts, and arts experiences for children and families. Many of the performers, artists, and workshop instructors are from Marion, and nearly all are from the SouthCoast, showcasing the creative richness of our region. “Marion is on FIRE. So exciting and creative – a true ArtWeek inspiration on all fronts from programming, community engagement, and marketing,” says Sue Dahling Sullivan, Chief Strategic Officer for ArtWeek at the Boch Center, ArtWeek’s producer.

The spark for the ArtWeek fire in Marion is Anthi Frangiadis, Marion architect, artist, and shop owner, who had hosted ArtWeek events in the past and put together a group in Marion to talk about expanding ArtWeek in the Tri-Town area. MAC board member Jennifer Wolfe Webb attended that meeting and saw ArtWeek as a great opportunity for the MAC to shine. Webb’s MAC committee, with the help of generous donors, has created a rich program of events as “a gift to Marion,” in Webb’s words. In keeping with the ArtWeek mission, all the events are offered at low cost to the public, and half are free.

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