Grade 7 Cardboard Boat Race Results

Old Rochester Regional Junior High School held a cardboard boat race for seventh graders on June 4 at the Mattapoisett YMCA. Here are the top finishers with their times, the name of their boats and the members of their teams:

            First Place (1 minute, 23 seconds) – Duck Boat: Riley Barton, Sydney Benard, Phoenix Froh and Madelyn Sivil.

            Second Place (1 minute, 35 seconds) – Man Van: Madeline Costa, Fiona Payne, Maiten Tavares and Elena Villafranca.

            Third Place (2 minutes, 26 seconds; also “Best Design” Winner – Mean Girls: Evan Bennett, Morgan Connors, Nassira Delgado and Kamdyn Monterio.

            Fourth Place (2 minutes, 29 seconds) – A Thousand Sunny: Austin Faria, Coal Kipling, Cole Pires and Zackaria Rezendes.

            Fifth Place (3 minutes, 9 seconds) – French Army: Demetrios Arone, Dominick Arone, Lily Gerard and John Redler.

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