From the Files of the Rochester Historical Society

The Museum’s 2019-2020 exhibit of Rochester’s Notable People has been taken down and work has begun on a new exhibit, hopefully, for the 2021 season or whenever we once again feel comfortable gathering. The Museum has a large inventory of historically significant items and because of size constraints, many are in storage. Our next exhibit funded by the Rochester Cultural Council will be a Curator’s Show. We’re going to display and explain many of our artifacts that have been hidden away.

            With all the talk these past weeks of mailboxes, lockboxes, and mailing ballots, it seemed a good time to share the ballot box from the 1930s that was donated to the museum by Martha Moone. The box was used to mail voting forms from the Office of the Secretary of State to Rochester’s Town Clerk’s office.

            The front of the box says: 

Official Ballots 

from Secretary of Commonwealth 

Frederick W. Cook, Secretary

Town Clerk Rochester, Mass.

EX. Paid

Open immediately and read directions

By Connie Eshbach

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