From the Files of the Rochester Historical Society

Here at the Rochester Historical Museum, we have lots of artifacts. The Curator’s exhibits over the last two years have showcased many of them. Our new exhibit coming in October will be focusing on three categories of items located here, and they are signs, maps and a look at the many town celebrations that have taken place over the years.

            Many of our signs are quite large. Some have been donated, while others came with the acquisition of the church building. One of these is the old wooden sign for the East Rochester Congregational Church, and another is the listing of the rules for former Knight and Look Campground. Quite a few of these signs are very large and heavy, particularly one that advertises the Rochester Historical Society Graft Guild Sale. Prior to having a museum, the Society members wanted to have a shop in which to display and sell crafts, antiques and collections. They checked out various unused buildings in town until finally settling on a small building on Samuel Corse’s property. In the end, they had a big sale but could not keep a shop going. However, we have the impressive sign here at the Museum.

            Speaking of signs, you may be wondering why there is a picture, which has appeared before with this article. That is because this is a brand-new sign. As many of you may have noticed, our sign was looking increasingly woebegone. It was peeling in several places and was a poor representation of the Society and Museum. The previous sign maker not only failed to give us a sign with longevity but also failed to spell museum correctly.

            Now, thanks to Impact Expressions and Charlie Wade, we have a new sign that should last ten years or more and with museum spelled correctly. Thanks to his generosity of tailoring the sign’s price to match our small, nonprofit’s budget, we not only have a great new sign but one at a cost we could afford. Thank you, Charlie Wade and Impact Expressions.

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