Cushing Cemetery Fence

Own a piece of Mattapoisett history and help support the Cushing Cemetery at the same time. We have replaced 58 sections of antique fencing with new fencing and we are offering sections to the general public. The fencing is made from wrought iron, very heavy, and in excellent shape. The reason we replaced the fence was because it was cheaper to replace the fence than it was to scrape, sand, and paint the fence.

            Some of the fence has been repainted, but most have not. But in any case, one or two sections in your yard or garden or leaning against your house to act as a trellis would look great. The possibilities are endless.

            Please call Dana Tripp at 508-728-1403 for pricing and details. All monies generated will go into the Cushing Cemetery treasury for the care and upkeep of the cemetery.

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