Countdown to Elizabeth Taber Gala

As we approach the Gala weekend to celebrate our Fairy Godmother, Elizabeth Pitcher Taber, and the 125th birthday of the Music Hall, time is running out for you to buy your tickets for the show, Our Fair Lady. They are selling fast and Friday and Saturday nights are almost sold out.

Rehearsals are in their final stages, tweaking costumes, harmonies, and humor. Yes, there will be humor! The Occasion Singers, under the direction of Cassandra Morgan, along with Eric Bosworth, Kimberly Teves, and Carl Denney in lead roles, will sing lyrics creatively written by Barbara Gee to share Elizabeth Taber’s story and take us back to the good old days.

So get your tickets today at the Marion General Store, The Bookstall, Serendipity, or the Elizabeth Taber Library, before it is too late.

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