2018 Mattapoisett Police Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Preschool & Kindergarten

3rd Place          Harwin Carroll as Pennywise

2nd Place          Ned & Cedar Maloney as the Duck Boat

1st Place           Brinley Carver Roberts as First Girl on the Moon

Grades 1 & 2

3rd Place          Ana Dzerkacz as a Butterfly

2nd Place          Nolan Cameron as a Taco

3rd Place          Maitlen Tavares as Coco

Grades 3 & 4

3rd Place          Morgan Leblanc as Magnificent

2nd Place          Jacob Collier as C3PO

1st Place           Oliver Huggins as Man in the Moon

Grades 5 & 6

3rd Place          Ryan Vincent & Oliver Guilfoil as Chuckie Twins

2nd Place          Noah Robert Howley as Rubber Band Man

1st Place           Andie Derrig as Spaghetti Dinner

Jr. High & High School

3rd Place          Andrew Scott as Rocket Man

2nd Place          Cloe Gleason as the Dark Angel

1st Place           Cassandra Charron & Keelin Lienkamp as the Seahorse & Light House


3rd Place          Pete Lebrun as Irish Bearded Buddies

2nd Place          Trystan Lienkamp as Soccer Zombie

1st Place           Freeman Bauer as Stranger Things


3rd Place          Otto Overton as Rubik’s Cube

2nd Place          Kerri Benson & Joann Rogers as Gypsy’s

1st Place           Gretchen MacDonald, Kyle MacDonald, & Sam Ward as 3 Sheets to the Wind

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