Vocabulary Day the RMS Way

When one reaches fourth grade at Rochester Memorial School,

There’s a ‘peculiar’ tradition that’s really quite cool.

The kids are ‘ecstatic’ to participate,

Their mission: new words, let me ‘illuminate’.

They start with a word that makes them ‘perplexed’,

Then they bring it to life looking most ‘picturesque.’

They parade through the gym in their wordy ‘accouterment’,

Some ‘incognito’, some ‘obvious’ in their costumes they went

One by one to the microphone ready and ‘astute’,

‘Unimpeachable’ and wise, (did I forget to say cute?)

Strutting vocab like ‘horticulture’, ‘natorium’, and ‘ichthyology’, 

Which means gardening, indoor pool, and fish science, respectively.

An ‘abundance’ of fun and ‘copious’ ‘zest’, 

An ‘anthropomorphic’ dictionary for the ‘bookworm’ to digest.

The learning was as ‘ferocious’ as a ‘scholarly’ barbarian

Pummeling out new words like ‘xiphoid’ and ‘octogenarian’.

There was no shortage of ‘jargon’, no language cessation

More words than can be learned in an entire ‘generation’ 

So when you start to feel ‘fenced’ with nothing to say,

Remember all the words that they taught you today.

And don’t forget, those of you watching in the third grade,

Next year this will be you marching in the Vocabulary Day parade! 

By Jean Perry

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