Uncovering Local Talent

The first thing one sees when approaching a stack of Wanderers is our bold and colorful cover photo. Designing an attractive and interesting cover every week is something we at The Wanderer strive to accomplish with every edition we produce. We know what it takes to compose a great photograph and we know a potential cover when we see one. And lately, we have seen a whole lot of potential out there in you, our readers, and we like what we see.

            There are a lot of talented photographers out there in the Tri-Town. Almost every day somebody is posting photos of a Tri-Town landmark, event, or scene in nature that we find extraordinary. Facebook is flooded with such images, and when we see something extraordinary we can’t help but think, “Wow, that would make a great cover for next week’s Wanderer.

            Twice a year we hold space on our cover for original artwork submitted by our readers in our Halloween and Groundhog Day Cover Contests. This year’s winner for our January 30 Groundhog Day edition is Grace Hebert of Mattapoisett with her rendition of a groundhog popping up from his winter home on February 2 only to see his shadow beneath a clear and sunny sky. We truly enjoy each and every submission and love it when the winner comes in smiling to collect her $100 prize money.

            This year we thought about how unfortunate it is that we only do this once a year, which is why we decided that we shouldn’t have to wait until Halloween to see the cover submissions start pouring in again.

            The Wanderer is starting a new community cover initiative this year, and we want you to show us what you can do; make us say “Wow, what a great cover this would make!”

            The Wanderer is “calling all covers” from the community that we serve, and if your photo or cover artwork is selected for one of our covers, you will receive $50 and full cover credit for your efforts.

            If you see something beautiful, interesting, serene, or funny; if you attend an event and somehow capture its entire essence in one photo, then we want to see it!

            Submit all photos or original artwork to news@wanderer.com with your name, address, and phone number, and if we select your submission for an upcoming cover, we will reach out to you. So let’s wow our readers with another extraordinary cover photo courtesy of our community! Uncover your talent and land yourself on the cover!

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