Triathlon Tests Young and Old Alike

            A triathlon is simply not your run-of-the-mill sporting event. The demands made on the body are great, but the demands made on the athletes’ minds are even greater. Add to that some hot blazing sun and high humidity and you have a challenge that is not one-size-fits-all; this is a challenge that will test each participant in different ways. While some may be strong swimmers whose time set them ahead of the pack, they may not be a strong runner or cyclist and vice versa. But plow ahead they must through the three physical feats. 

            The 39thannual Lions Club Triathlon brings together young and old alike. It also brings out families who have a tradition of racing together, and others who are establishing a new tradition. There are the folks who’ve done the race for many years and those trying it for the first time. And why do men, women, and children do it? It could be as simple as just wanting to be able to say you did.

            The field included 103 bibs with five relay teams. Before the race, many participants cycled the route or stretched legs over part of the road course while others swam in the warm, slack sea. The condition of the water was a big plus for the swimmers, there wasn’t a hint of a breeze to ruffle the water, and the tide itself meant that swimming, not slogging, could take place.

            And what about those participants? Returning for her fifth year was Terry Myers-Coney, 66, of Stow. Myers-Coney said she does triathlons because they make her feel good.

            “I do about two or three each year,” she said. “I did one in Lake Placid.”

            Good news for her effort, Myers-Coney won her age group finishing in 1:42:17.

            Morgan Browning, a Mattapoisett native, graduate of Old Rochester Regional High School and recent University of Florida graduate, has been running almost since she was old enough to walk. Now, she said, more recently she’d been thinking about swimming as her sport of choice. As a lifeguard in town, she gets her share of time in the water. Browning finished in 1:21:35.

            Joe Hale of Warren, Rhode Island returned for the fourth time, saying he had previously come in second in his age group. This year, at 65 years old, he finished 1:12:57 – a third place showing.

            Liz Adams of Mattapoisett was competing for the tenth year, but this year adding to the fun was her 12-year-old daughter, Tess. Mom said she would stay with her daughter all the way as the duo had trained and set this event as a goal they could do together. Tess’ time was 1:22:27; Mom’s was 1:25:00.

            A trio of moms made up the relay team dubbed “Poi Moms.” These mamas were Heather Moulton, Hillary Vineyard, and Liza Appleby. Their combined time was 1:08:17, putting them in third place for their category. Vineyard said she had also completed the Buzzards Bay Coalition’s 1.2-mile open water swim and found that easier than the quarter-mile sprint of the triathlon.

            “This one you can’t stop,” said Appleby. “You keep going without a break. I got winded right away.”

            The first swimmer out of the water was Tomaso Mennatti. Mennatti was headed towards a winning record finish but then found he had been disqualified. He took a wrong turn on the run, essentially cutting off a quarter mile of the course. When he crossed the finished line, he questioned the speed with which he finished and quickly realized what had happened.

            “In that moment I didn’t know, but I should have known which way (to go).” He was gracious about possibly being misdirected and took full responsibility for not knowing the course.

            The Tri-Town area had a relatively small showing with only two bibs from Rochester and 17 from Mattapoisett. None were from Marion. All other participants came from nearby locations such as Fairhaven and Acushnet and as far away as Colorado!

            Other than those aforementioned Tri-Town locals, the field included: Tom Bozzo, 1:02:46; Darnyl DaSilva, 1:03:24; John Jackson, 1:04:27; Nicole Harrington, 1:05:30; Michael Medeiros, 1:07:48; Aline Graves, 1:12:36; Wayne Cordeira, 1:14:10; Gretchen Bobola, 1:15:02; Sarah Gomes, 1:16:17; Dennis Barley, 1:16:19; John Jenney, 1:21:44; Samantha Ball, 1:24:29; Brady Maguire, 1:29:01; Paul Maguire, 1:29:03, Michael Pellegrino, 1:32:01, and Maggie Haley, 1:34:28.

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