The Wanderer Seeks Student Journalists

Are you a student at Old Rochester Regional or Old Colony who enjoys writing, finding a good scoop, and telling everybody about it? How about getting paid for doing something you enjoy anyway? There’s that, and the thrill of seeing your name in print, which never really gets old, in our opinion.

Writing as a student correspondent for The Wanderer is a great way to gain writing experience under the guidance of an experienced editor, is an attractive skill for prospective colleges, and can be a reference source for your future should you consider a career in journalism or writing.

We are looking for enthusiastic students who have creative pens, noses for news, and who can commit to meeting a deadline each week to join The Wanderer team for the 2016/2017 school year. Each Monday, you will submit one story about the happenings, hot topics, and school events with at least one photo to the news editor. In exchange, you will receive $40 and constructive criticism from the news editor on how to tighten your journalism skills and learn proper formatting for newspaper writing.

We need one correspondent from ORR and one from Old Colony, and a writer for ORR sports updates. Please email a message of interest or any questions about the positions to News Editor Jean Perry at

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