For what do we give thanks

For the turkey dinner lovingly prepared?

For the hours of preparation and effort?

Most of all, don’t we give thanks for the family?

Joined together hearts and minds,

We thank God for all the generations represented,

For the mothers and fathers and the precious little ones,

Running around in excitement and happiness.

The warmth of the home filled with tantalizing aromas

For the warmth of the smiles or relatives and friends

Come together a celebration of food and friendship.

Yes, we pause for a day away from our busy lives

To take the time to connect with our families

In a meaningful way.

With our hearts full of joy and gladness,

We give thanks to God for the way He enriches our lives

With love and happiness.

Editor’s Note: Hope Bradley Finley is a 95-year-old Mattapoisett resident who, despite the loss of eyesight and hearing, has continued in her pastime of writing poems. The Wanderer is happy to share them with our readers.

The Poetry Corner

By Hope Bradley Finley

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