Tabor Boy Makes History in Marion Bermuda Race

As Tabor Academy’s flagship SSV Tabor Boy made her exciting and historic start across the starting line of the Marion Bermuda Race on June 14, some history on the vessel seems appropriate. 

            Tabor Boy is competing one-on-one versus the beautiful and modern tall ship, Spirit of Bermuda. She is entered in the celestial navigation class and is also registered to compete for the Youth Challenge Cup with two thirds of her 23 alumni and student crew under the age of 23. The start took place under fresh winds and 2-3 foot seas just outside of Sippican Harbor on June 14 at noon.  

            With just two in the Classic Yacht division, it was an incredible sight to see the two tall ships jockey for position at the start. Both boats approached the line on starboard tack with Spirit of Bermuda coming in to windward and luffing to kill speed. Tabor Boy took a long slow starboard approach, hitting the line just aft and to windward of Spirit of Bermuda. It was an exciting close start, and it was absolutely beautiful watching both boats beating across the bay toward Woods Hole in a hearty Sou’wester. Next stop: Bermuda!

            Tabor Boy’s Executive Officer (XO) Chip Connard ’19, shared “It is such a privilege to serve as XO on SSV Tabor Boy’s first Marion Bermuda Race crossing. I hope you will join in our excitement and follow Tabor Boy and our mostly student/young alumni crew as we compete against Spirit of Bermuda as she heads back to her homeport.”

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