Students Shine in Annual Holiday Production

It is an event that school staff, students, and parents look forward to each year during the holiday season – the annual holiday production at Center School.

This year, grades one through three presented a musical that “celebrates the light at the top of the tree” entitled “Sparkle and Shine.”

There were children dressed as reindeer, including Rudolph, of course, Santa and Santa’s elves, woodland creatures, and Christmas trees – trees all vying to be Santa’s special Christmas tree for Christmas this year.

On the afternoon of December 21, students held a dress rehearsal in front of the school, readying for the big performance later to come for Center School parents, families, and the community.

“I am very proud to present to you the wonderful students from first, second, and third grade,” said Center School Principal Rose Bowman, saying how proud she was of the performers, as well as the attentive and well-behaved audience.

The students presented their Christmas performance to the public the morning of Tuesday, December 22.

By Jean Perry

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