ORR Students to Perform ‘MacBeth’

The Old Rochester Regional High School Drama Club will perform “Macbeth” on May 21-22 as an outdoor film event at the high school.

            Based on “The Tragedy of Macbeth” by Sir William Shakespeare and starring Tyler Trudeau as Macbeth and Chloe Bean as Lady Macbeth, the cast includes Isabel Friedrichs, Lee Grondin, Jimmy Harrington, Bessie Pierre, Jessica Vance, and Max Tucker.

            Directors Beth Trout and Matthew P. Houde say, “Macbeth is a play about the desire to have it all while not caring who you hurt along the way. Macbeth and Banquo, two generals from King Duncan’s army, fight to move up the line of succession to become King of Scotland. During their physical and mental battles, Macbeth takes matters into his own hands while involving a slew of other characters to do his dirty work. He eventually reaches his goal of King, but not while hurting many people along the way. In the end, does Macbeth truly win it all?”

            The play is supported by Assistant Director Margaret Berry and Stage Manager Bailey Gosse with Set Construction by John Ashley, Costume Design by Marina Stephens, Set Design and Poster Art by Taylor Green, Lighting by Cooper Newton, Camera Operator Chris Bell, and Property Manager Tiago Duarte. Berry and Bell serve as the production’s editors.

            The event opens at 7:30 pm with an 8:30 pm showtime. The ORR softball field will be the outdoor film event venue, and refreshments will be available for purchase at concession tables.

            Advance tickets are $30 carload or $5 per person the night of the film and can be purchased through Eventbright beginning Wednesday, May 5. For more information, visit the FORD website: bit.ly/ORRDrama-FORD-2021.

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