ORR Spirit Soars at Pep Rally

Principal Michael Devoll gave Old Rochester Regional High School students a

“shot in the arm” of school spirit on Friday the 31st, pretty overdue for a school with a varsity basketball team currently in first place, a number of losing streaks in sports that finally came to an end, and an undefeated debate team, among other reasons for students to be proud.

Hundreds of students packed the gymnasium, lining the bleachers and cheering on while the ORR dance team and cheerleading squad kicked things off before the drama club gave everyone a taste of the much anticipated musical “Seussical,” slated for debut in March.

Principal Devoll hosted a number of games with teams from each grade level, competing for prizes of $25 to benefit the winning grade level’s student government. Student council members drew from hats the names of each freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior to participate in each challenge, starting with a drawing contest.

The principal announced a “New Year’s resolution” for the school beginning on Monday, with the “Kicking off Kindness” campaign to inspire students to look for kind ways to help their classmates, while encouraging onlookers to identify acts of kindness and report them on small cards, jotting down the name of the do-gooder and how they helped someone out. One person will win an impressive prize package, including a free prom ticket and a free parking pass to the school parking lot.

Students played other games that afternoon including a three-legged race, a doughnut eating contest, a basketball shooting contest, tug of war, and egg toss.

Watch out Fairhaven Blue Devils Basketball team, because ORR is planning on some special ways to cheer on their Bulldogs and dis Fairhaven at tonight’s big game at ORR! Go Bulldogs!

By Jean Perry

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