ORR Remembers Class Officers 1961-1962

As we’re nearing our 50th year class reunion, members of the 1962 class of Old Rochester have been meeting to plan our reunion. Over the past year, some of the women in the class have met several times at the Ying Dynasty (Cathy Temple in our day) for lunch to renew old friendships. These lunches have resurrected 50-year-old memories of a time gone by.

As we talked about our former classmates with questions like: “I wonder what happened to…?”; remember that day when…?; and “Do you know where our class officers are?”

The class of 1962 had the honor of electing the first class officers at Old Rochester.  Posters were put up, flyers were handed out and the elections were held. The officers were Ross Hopkins, President; Leslie MacFarlane, Vice-President, Susan Riddell, Secretary, and Linda Price, Treasurer. Today they are living in California, Georgia, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Ross Hopkins went on to graduate from University of PA with a B.A. in Political Science and a U.S. Navy Commission. After serving during the Vietnam War, Ross graduated from the University of Southern CA and received a doctorate in political science. While teaching in CA, he earned his MBA. After working for Lockheed for several years, he returned to teaching and currently teaches at Mt. St. Mary’s college and DeVry University in the undergraduate and graduate programs. Ross is married to a political consultant.

Linda Price graduated from Fisher College and then started her career in the banking field. She became Vice President/Team Leader at Mellon’s Bank The Boston Company. She also spent time working at the BKB’s Luxembourg and Paris branches as well as in London. Linda is now retired and enjoying many activities. She is married and has two sons.

We all are looking forward to reconnecting with our classmates in August with stories of where our lives have taken us over the past 50 years. To say the least, it will be a memorable evening.

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