Mattapoisett Sees Uptick in Alien Abductions

The Town of Mattapoisett and its residents have developed an increasing alien problem that not even a wall could possibly remedy.

U.F.O. sightings in Mattapoisett are not a rare occurrence. Even Elizabeth Taber from neighboring Marion made mention in her private journals of a number of instances while visiting Mattapoisett when she witnessed flying saucers hovering over town and once over Mattapoisett Harbor. She described these sightings as “fiery disks flying over the waterfront, and a humming noise so pervasive that I felt ill and nearly fainted.”

U.F.O. sightings would wax and wane over the decades, but the town’s first-ever recorded incident of a resident claiming to have been taken against his will and brought inside of an alien spaceship would come in 1953.

The year 1957 would see three more separate claims of residents being captured at night by extraterrestrial beings, brought aboard spaceships, and subjected to painful and gruesome medical procedures. But it wasn’t until 11 more of these accounts were reported in the year 1977 that the Town would start to keep a file on the so-called alien abductions of Mattapoisett residents.

Alleged alien abduction incidents remained steady for the next 39 years at one per year, but now in 2017, the Town has documented a whopping 18 alien abduction incidents, and a total of 63 reports of U.F.O. sightings – 39 of those during this October alone.

Two eyewitness’ statements about one of those sightings from October 14 describe an enormous “flying saucer” hovering for nearly 20 minutes around 9:15 pm above The Bogs off Acushnet Road before it “started to rotate slowly and without making a sound disappeared and reappeared in another spot higher up in the nighttime sky before jetting off in the blink of an eye, leaving behind a quick flash of green lightning.”

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has not gotten involved with the U.F.O. sightings or the alien abduction reports; rather, the federal government has stepped in to investigate and has set up a local FBI office inside the Mattapoisett police station.

The FBI has issued the following report to Mattapoisett citizens and those planning on visiting the seemingly quaint, quiet seaside community:

FBI Mattapoisett

October 20, 2017

Community Outreach

FBI Cautions Mattapoisett Area on Alien Abductions/Sightings

The FBI’s newly established Mattapoisett Division is warning residents about an unusual increase in localized U.F.O. sightings and compelling reports of alien abductions. It appears extraterrestrials have targeted the Mattapoisett region for unknown reasons, causing alarm to residents as well as local officials. The public is reminded that, while there is convincing support of such sightings and abductions taking place, the FBI at this time has no definitive proof of any of the incidents. The FBI cautions residents to remain vigilant, to report any suspected extraterrestrial activities directly to our office, and advises any residents who encounter any aliens to run and seek immediate shelter, lock your doors, and stay inside. To avoid becoming a victim of an alien abduction, the FBI also cautions residents to stay away from dark, wooded, and open spaces from dusk to dawn, and to keep children and pets inside at all times. Please remember, do not panic.

A Special HALLOWEEN Report*

By Jean Perry

*Editor’s note: This is a fictional story intended for entertainment purposes only during the Halloween season. However, The Wanderer cannot prove either way that alien abductions have or have not been taking place in Mattapoisett. Any quotes from Elizabeth Taber were fictional from a fictional journal that the author cleverly made up.

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