Marion Couple Wins Sailing Race

Jim and Maura Stewart of Marion teamed up with Doug and Ingrid Scott of Castline, Maine to win the 2012 Stone Horse Builder’s Cup on Sunday, August 12. The foursome set sail in Stewart’s boat, Pegasus, and successfully navigated the vessel to earn the top spot.

“It was a great day with good wind. Not too much and not too little,” said Stewart. “It’s a very casual event. I like being outside on the water.”

The race, which was held in Buzzards Bay off Padanaram, was originally scheduled for Saturday, August 11, but was postponed until the following day due to inclement weather. The course spanned 5.7 nautical miles and was broken up into six legs. The race started and ended on windward legs.

While Pegasus sailed away with the win, the start of the race wasn’t so perfect for the team.

“We started off not so great on the first leg but once we made some sail adjustments we started moving up. We got some nice wind so we were able to sail much higher than the leading boat and come in to win,” said Stewart.

Stewart said he became interested in boating in the 1980s. He has owned both powerboats and sailboats, but since retiring recently, he has stuck primarily with sailboats. He started sailing as an adult and has never had a lesson.

The winning vessel Pegasus is a 23-foot sailboat that was designed in the 1930s by a man with the last name Crocker. Stewart maintains the boat himself, spending a few months each year preparing the boat for the summer. With an old-fashioned fiberglass look and wood trim, this boat might not be the top choice to win a race at first glance.

“It’s more of a pretty boat than a racing boat,” said Stewart.

Jim and Maura only enter one race each year, but they spend at least three days a week on their boat sailing around to different places. Most recently, they spent 12 days on the ocean after the race sailing up the coast of Maine. For the Stewarts, sailing is more than the titles and trophies; it’s a way of life.

“The best part of sailing is having a nice day on the water and then going to the mooring with a bottle of wine and eating dinner. We’re laid-back sailors,” said Stewart. “It’s a great way to be outside.”

By Katy Fitzpatrick

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