Local Teen Looks To Form Jazz Group

For Mattapoisett teenager and Old Rochester Regional Junior High student Patrick Igoe, mornings are for practice, afternoons are for practice, and evenings are for practice – practicing the bass, that is. At just 13, he already has an impressive musical resume, but more than anything else, right now he’s hoping to find likeminded musicians in the area to form a group.

Born into a family of musicians – from the classically trained to those enjoying and playing pop tunes – Patrick’s life has always been filled with music. Since the age of 5 when he received his first instrument, a guitar, Patrick has passionately worked at perfecting his craft.

“He basically taught himself how to play the guitar,” says James Igoe proudly, Patrick’s dad. And early on, his parents recognized something more about Patrick. They saw a person who is gifted musically.

By the fourth grade, at Dad’s urging, Patrick moved to the upright acoustic and electric bass guitars. As Dad tells it, “There are so few really good bass players, and it’s important as the backbone of any band. I thought he’d have more opportunities with that instrument.” Four years later, Patrick has become one of the best young bassists in the region.

Igoe’s days are filled with all the normal activities of being a teenager – attending school and doing homework – but the rest of the time, he is 100 percent committed to improving his musical chops. To that end, his parents put miles on the family car.

Patrick is a member of the New Bedford Youth Sympathy Orchestra, Acushnet Classic Ensemble, and Cape Cod Conservatory C-Jazz band. He has played at First Night events in Chatham and has a regular gig every third Sunday of the month at the Riverway in South Yarmouth with Bart Weisman’s Jazz Jam. Now, with the support of his family, he wants to bring jazz music to the local area.

“He would like to form a youth jazz group locally … to share his love of jazz with his peers and the community,” Mom Joan Cremins said. “I work in behavioral health … music heals and helps our youth to express themselves.” Cremins continued, “Our community needs more positive outlets for teenagers to relate to one another.”

As for Patrick, jazz is part of the fabric of his life.

“You can improvise, it’s creative, there’s just something about jazz!” He said that the sheet music bass players receive for jazz compositions are sparse. “Just a few bars. You improvise the rest.” That ability to create from one’s own imagination and musical capabilities inspires Patrick to continuously explore jazz themes.

On February 6, the Igoe family will be at Berkley School of Music to watch a group of young musicians from Cape Cod participate in a music competition. The composition is geared to high school students. Patrick’s talent gained him a slot with the Cape Cod All Stars who will be participating in the event. And where does he intend to go to college? Berkley, of course.

For all his accomplishments, Patrick is a quiet kid off stage, but talk to him about jazz and he shines.

“I really wish I could find some kids or even adults to play with locally,” he shared. Patrick is hoping local musicians might be interested in forming a jazz band. He can be reached at pdjazz14@gmail.com.

By Marilou Newell

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