Library Hosts “Antiques Roadshow” Fundraiser

Word spread of the Antiques Roadshow-style fundraiser at the Mattapoisett Library on March 29, attracting scores of South Coasters clutching their treasures, antiques, and heirlooms for appraisal and admiration, hoping Francis McNamee of the Marion Antique Shop might discover worth in their belongings beyond their sentimental value. Paying $5 per item appraised, some brought primitive dolls, old books, tea sets, and artwork – and there were a few unique and exceptional finds McNamee was compelled to show off, like a cast iron turtle spittoon and a stereoscopic viewer with an image of Teddy Roosevelt. Our favorite was the large whale tooth scrimshaw depicting the whale ship Wanderer. Paula Deane, an estate jewelry specialist, was on hand to assist in appraising jewelry and collectibles. Both appraisers donated their time for the event, and all the proceeds went to benefit the Friends of the Mattapoisett Library, who hosted the event. By Jean Perry

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