Lee, Kanaly Pace Pinewood Racers

The Rochester Club Scouts hosted a Pinewood Derby on February 3 at Rochester Memorial School involving competition with Packs 30 and 31 and Marion Pack 32.

            Bryan Lee, with car #9 The Black Cat, finished the run in 2.3737 seconds, a simulated 208.24 miles per hour for first place among Rochester Pack 30 competitors.

            Finishing in second place for Pack 30 was Georgia Duggan, whose unnamed #7 car finished in 2.4042 seconds (205.60 miles per hour.) Taking third place was Ben Smart, whose #19 car The Lucky 13 finished in 2.4058 seconds (205.47.) In fourth place was William Boucher, whose #3 The Creeper finished in 2.4078 seconds (205.30.) Taking fifth place was Mason Rivera, whose #13 Ferrari finished in 2.4108 seconds (205.05), and taking sixth place was Jonas Duggan, whose #6 The Destroyer finished in 2.4120 seconds (204.94.)

            Marion Pack 32 was led by Henry Kanaly, whose #28 car Jammin Giraffe finished the race in 2.3693 seconds, a simulated 208.64 miles per hour.

            Taking second place for Pack 32 was Jack LeFavor, whose #30 car Fishy Attack finished in 2.3853 seconds (207.24 miles per hour.). In third place was James Whipple, whose #33 Blue Racer finished in 2.3965 seconds (206.27.) Taking fourth was Will Kanaly, driving #27 Loco Lego Limo to a 2.4143-second finish (204.75.) Taking fifth was Charles Whinnem, whose #32 The Golden Eagle finished in 2.4378 seconds (202.78), and taking sixth was Emmet Luiz, whose #31 Flame Burner crossed the line in 2.4685 seconds (200.25.)

By Mick Colageo

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