Historical Commission Sponsors Installation

Notable names from the Town of Mattapoisett’s past can now be read on a new memorial at Town Hall that commemorates the service of residents whose dedication to Mattapoisett included being a selectman.

On Wednesday, December 16, the Mattapoisett Historical Commission’s installation of memorial bricks was completed at Town Hall in front of the public notice board.

Overseeing the design aspects of the project and the installation was Historical Commission Chairman Jo Pannell. Charles Duponte, a local landscape architect, donated his time and resources to the effort.

The names of the selectmen who have served since the very first election was ever held, along with their dates of service, will forever stand as a monument to one of the oldest and purest forms of democracy: local participation.

Mattapoisett was incorporated in 1857 and had its first election that year for selectmen. The voters elected Jarvis Ellis, A. B. Hammond, and Joseph Smith.

Each brick displays the selectman’s name and years of service to the community. It is surprising to note that a number of those people served for many long years.

None served longer than Lester Crampton, who surpassed them all with 40 years to his credit. Others whose years of service to Mattapoisett are deserving of special note are Manuel C. Linhares, 27 years; Franklin Cross, 21 years; John DeCosta, 20 years; and George White, 19 years.

As a selectman’s final term in office ends, his/her name will be added to the roster. The memorial has been designed so that, should the town have a new town hall building in the future, it can be moved to that location.

By Marilou Newell

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