Halloween Festivities in Marion

Lead by the Sippican School Drum Line and the Witches of the Marion Art Center the annual parade once again filled the streets in Marion with hundreds of ghosts, ghouls, and M&Ms. Photos by Paul Lopes

MR_H_Parade_1908 MR_H_Parade_1929 MR_H_Parade_1941 MR_H_Parade_1949 MR_H_Parade_1920 MR_H_Parade_1911 MR_H_Parade_1916 MR_H_Parade_1922 MR_H_Parade_1930 MR_H_Parade_1933 MR_H_Parade_1914 MR_H_Parade_1927 MR_H_Parade_1913 MR_H_Parade_1919 MR_H_Parade_1935 MR_H_Parade_1943

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