Animal Friendly Exhibit

Oil Painter Margot Wizansky knows how important animals are to people. That’s why she has dedicated a good portion of her time for her latest exhibit painting animals and doing pet portraits. Now, Tri-Town residents will have a chance to see the artist’s latest exhibit as it makes its way to the Mattapoisett Library.

“It’s interesting, because two of the paintings that aren’t actually in the show were done for people whose pets later died,” said Wizansky, who resides in both Brookline and Mattapoisett.  “It is so important to them to have this remembrance and to have this image of their pet while it’s still alive.  Animals are very much part of people’s families.”

It was a few years ago when Wizansky ordered feed for a sheep when a pig showed up butchered and packaged that she got her real inspiration for her animal paintings.

“I felt that I needed to humanize them in a way, that they are not just a hunk of meat in a package,” she said.  “I tried to look into their lives and see how they were as creatures.”

Wizansky’s work did not go unnoticed by Mattapoisett Library Director Susan Pizzolato, who invited the artist to display her work inside the library.

“I’m grateful for the library for wanting to feature me,” Wizansky said.  “I’ve been involved with the library for many years.”

In addition to art, Wizansky is also a poet.  She has worked with the library in the past to coordinate several programs during National Poetry Month. Whether it’s through poetry or art or any other medium, Wizansky knows how important it is for people to have that creative outlet.

“I’ve really been painting my whole life,” she said.  “I would say that all of the arts are so important, especially in the schools.  It requires learning in so many different areas and gives them a chance to express themselves. “

Wizansky’s exhibit will be on display during the month of January at the Mattapoisett Library.  An opening reception will be held on Saturday, January 12 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

By Katy Fitzpatrick

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