A Greater Great Community Picnic

On Thursday, August 2, the Mattapoisett Historical Society and Mattapoisett Land Trust hosted their third annual Great Community Picnic at the Munro Preserve in Mattapoisett. Adjacent to the town wharf, the annual event brought together community members to feast, mingle, and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Mattapoisett has to offer.

Backed by charming live music from Carlin Tripp, Megan Casey, and local band Retro Roots Music, the picnic offered heaping amounts of amiability and camaraderie as event goers enjoyed the friendliness and delicious food brought by all in attendance.

Jennifer McIntire, president of the Mattapoisett Historical Society, told The Wandererexactly what makes the Great Community Picnic such a local success, citing all of the volunteers and local businesses who contribute to the community triumph.

“The lion’s share of the work was done by Arthur and Kathleen Damaskos, Mike Huguenin and Sharon Chown, Peter Davies, Sandy Hering, Chris Damakis, Ellen Flynn, and me,” McIntire said. “The committee (made up of both MHS and MLT board members) has tremendous energy, follow through, and attention to detail.” She also added that a handful of local business also contribute a great deal to help the event get its footing.

Picnic participants reaped the benefits that the volunteers sowed, enjoying all of the wonderful things the picnic had to offer. Most attendees dressed exquisitely, sometimes including specific themes, and walked with an air of vivacity and buoyancy.

The jovial ambiance showed in the flamboyant table decorations and creative food, which happens to be one of McIntire’s favorite parts of the event.

“I love that the picnic attracts people of all ages from all over town,” said McIntire. “Attendees seem to soak up the joy of being part of our unique and beautiful town full of good citizens. It is fun to see how creative people are.”

Whether it was the ornate table designs or gorgeous get-up adorning the attendees, creativity and individual expression were on display Thursday night.

“This year we had many fun themed tables: Great Gatsby, Christmas in August, etc.,” McIntyre said. “Some of the tables are decorated to be truly beautiful. However, the best is the enthusiasm of all present and the great music,” McIntire added.

McIntire said the proceeds of the event will be divided equally among the MHS and the MLT and will be used for more community bonding events, much like the Great Community Picnic.

“The Historical Society is always striving to educate, to enrich, and to entertain,” McIntyre said. “To be successful, we must engage the public as best we can. We do this through enticing programs, events and exhibitions. Revitalizing our galleries and hosting events [and] programs costs money. Any fundraising contributes to our success,” she continued.

The Great Community Picnic is one of those “feel-good events in a gorgeous location,” said McIntyre. “Coming together as a community and sharing the joy of the season can’t be beat.”

By Caleb Jagoda

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