Welcome to the Graveyard! Cemeteries of Mattapoisett

On Thursday, October 8 at 6:30 pm, the Mattapoisett Museum will host a fascinating online presentation by the Gravestone Girls about New England cemetery art, history, and symbolism. The virtual tour, called “Welcome to The Graveyard,” takes us from colonial burial grounds, through the rural cemetery movement of the 19th century, and into 21st-century locations. It examines why we have cemeteries and gravestones, why they look like they do, and how styles and art have evolved over almost 400 years. 

            Mattapoisett is home to cemeteries dating from the early 1700s including Hammond Cemetery and Barlow Burying Ground. Prior to the program date, The Girls will hit the road and go through Mattapoisett’s cemeteries taking pictures to discuss during the presentation. Q&A is welcome at the end of the show! 

            Gravestone Girl Brenda is always the presenter of our programs, and if schedules allow, other Gravestone Girls will join us too!

            This is a free event and will be held on Zoom. Prior registration is required to receive your Zoom link to the event. There is no charge for tickets, but donations are highly encouraged.

            To register go to mattapoisettmuseum.org/events.

            For questions or more information please contact Kyle DeCicco-Carey at 508-758-2844 or director@mattapoisettmuseum.org. 

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