Summer Activities at the MNHM

Coastal Explorations with the Marion Natural History Museum – During the Marion Natural History Museum’s Coastal Exploration summer program, we have fun exploring a variety of habitats in Marion. We take a close look at Barrier Beaches, Vernal Pools, Salt Marshes and tide pools. We learn about the types of Terns on Bird Island, the salamanders and tadpoles in vernal pools and net fish along our coastline. This is a half-day program, 9-12, and we meet at a variety of locations in Marion.

            We have a few slots remaining in our July 11-15 session and our August 1–5 session. Please go to the Marion Natural History Museum’s website,, to enroll in these and/or our other upcoming summer programs.

            Wild Care – Living with my Wild Neighbors! July 13, 2–3 pm – “Help! A bird struck my window… “There’s a baby squirrel at my doorstep… Now what?”  Wild Care, Inc. is a nonprofit wildlife hospital located in Eastham that is dedicated to the rescue and release of injured and orphaned wildlife on Cape Cod. Wild Care operates a Wildlife Helpline and rehabilitates over 1,800 animals per year; everything from Bald Eagles to Deer Mice. Wild Care’s Executive Director, Stephanie Ellis will cover “what to do” when you find baby animals in distress, who to call in MA and will provide tips for living with our wild neighbors. Join Stephanie for this fun and informative talk! Free program.

            Keep checking the Marion Natural History Museum’s website for other upcoming programs this summer.

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