Summer Activities at the Marion Natural History Museum

Come in to the museum and pick up a free copy of Ted and Elizabeth Brainard’s children’s story book. The museum has many displays to explore as well as a massive Lego table. Admission is free, and we are open every Wednesday and Friday from 10 – 4.

            Coastal Explorations – During our week-long Summer programs (July 8 – 12 or August 6-10) the Museum is offering a half-day summer program to explore some of Marion’s unique natural areas. We will be exploring our rocky inter-tidal shoreline, salt marshes, estuaries as well as freshwater riverbanks, forest, swamps, ponds and bogs. Daily we will take trips to look for the birds, amphibians, fish and invertebrates that make these areas so special. Perfect for children entering grades 2-6.

            You can sign up for daily excursions or for the whole week. We have many other summer programs coming up, including Amazing Animal Ambassadors on July 10 at 1:00 pm. Please go to the museum’s website to enroll for some or all of these programs,

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