South Coast Bikeway Alliance

Team South Coast Bikeway is at the Top of the Leaderboard! Team South Coast Bikeway Alliance (SCBA) is putting out a strong showing in the Massachusetts Bike Challenge. With 61 riders and more than 6000 miles ridden in the first three weeks, the SCBA team is number one in the web-based competition for amateur bike riding in our state! At this pace, the SCBA team will probably hit 75,000 total miles by the end of the competition. More riders are invited to join and if they do, there’s reason to hope that the people who bike for their South Coast Community will bring the total miles to well over 100,000.

What is the Challenge? It’s a fun way for people in Massachusetts and across the nation to show their support for bicycling and for better bike infrastructure: more bike paths, better road crossings, more awareness campaigns to increase safety. In South Coast, Team South Coast Bikeway Alliance is tracking riders by community. Riders sign up for the team and either log miles with a free downloadable app or they log them manually on the National Bike Challenge web site. Our local competition runs from May 1 to Labor Day, so we can have a party before all our summer visitors return home. Anyone can join by going to It’s your zip code and team affiliation that matter: not where you ride or how far. Ride your bike whenever and wherever you like. Every mile counts! In our challenge, the community with the most miles per capita wins the trophy. We’re looking into a prize for the community with the most riders per capita, too. Individual prizes will be awarded to top male and female riders. Last year, 28 people participated across the South Coast and Fairhaven won. This year we are hoping for at least 100 riders to compete. To be counted, riders must select South Coast Bikeway Alliance as their team when registering.

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