Sippican Woman’s Club

The Sippican Woman’s Club invites members and guests to join our monthly meeting on Friday, February 9 at 12:30 pm. We will meet at our club house, 152 Front Street, Marion. Our program will be on Deer Ticks: One Bite Can Change Your Life, presented by Larry Dapsis, entomologist for Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, in addition to Blake Dinius, entomologist for Plymouth County Cooperative Extension.

Lyme disease is the most prevalent infectious disease in Massachusetts. The Town of Marion has the highest incidence rate of Lyme disease in Plymouth County followed by Rochester. The disease is now considered a public health crisis. In addition to Lyme, deer ticks can carry the pathogens which cause babesiosis, anaplasmosis, relapsing fever and powassan virus, all of which can be fatal and are on the increase.

Tick season is January to December. With above freezing temperatures and a break in snow cover, there will be deer tick activity.

This program will review the basic life cycle and ecology of deer ticks, the incidence rates and distribution of tick-borne illnesses, and the database under development on infection rates of ticks. A three-point protection plan will be presented: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Yard and Protect your Pet. Tick-borne diseases are preventable.

The Sippican Woman’s Club meets on the second Friday of the month (September through March) at 12:30 pm, with a finger foods served, followed by a business meeting at 1:00 pm and program at 1:30 pm. The meetings are held at The Sippican Woman’s Club, Handy’s Tavern, 152 Front Street, Marion. Parking is available at Island Wharf Road parking lot (across from the Music Hall). Guests may RSVP to: For membership information, contact Jeanne Lake at 508-748-0619 or visit our website:

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