Sippican Choral Society Spring Concert

Restrictions on public gatherings during the current viral pandemic have forced the Sippican Choral Society to cancel its Spring Concert, which had been planned for April 26 in Marion.  

            “It’s a decision we did not like, but we cannot see a way forward between now and curtain-up,” said Mike Chaplain, president. “We have lost a number of rehearsal dates, and there is no certainty that concerts will be permitted at all by the end of next month.”

            Statewide and national efforts to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has led to “social distancing,” which has closed down concerts, restaurants, taverns, sports events and all manner of large gatherings. Even some church services have been suspended, said Chaplain.  

            People who already have tickets have three options. They can return them for refunds.  “Or,” said Chaplain, “they can keep their tickets, which will be honored at the annual Christmas Concert in December. The third option is to convert the price of the tickets to tax-deductible donations, for which the Sippican Choral Society will provide receipts.

            “It’s hard times for performers and arts organizations of all kinds right now,” Chaplain said. “If anyone can afford to help out, this is a good time to do it.”

            This spring’s “Mostly Mozart” program, or substantial parts of it, will probably be presented next April, said Chaplain. “It’s great music, and we’ve been loving every bit of it, but we’re not going to endanger anybody’s health or life in order to perform it this season,” said Chaplain. “We expect to be back in December with our annual Christmas Concert, to help brighten things up again.”

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