RHS Features Rochester Businesses, Past and Present

The September 19meeting of the Historical Society will feature a talk by Connie Eshbach on Rochester Businesses, Past and Present to introduce this year’s museum exhibit. The talk will focus on business in Rochester from colonial times to the present, highlighting how certain types of businesses have continued or changed to meet the needs of Rochester residents over the last 200 or so years. Also included will be some unique and lessor known businesses. The talk will answer a variety of questions, such as: Was there ever a 60ft, dinosaur in Rochester? Where do people from Rhode Island to Falmouth go for fried clams? Are there any mills still operating in town? How many boarding houses were in Rochester in the early 1900s? On which side of the street would you find a meeting place for Whigs or for Tories? Come and learn about these and many other interesting facts.

The meeting is at 7 pm at the East Rochester Church Museum, 355 County Road. All are welcome.

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