Rebuilding Old Slough Road

The Town of Mattapoisett and Mattapoisett Land Trust, Inc. (MLT) are working together to reopen Old Slough Road as an emergency route for vehicles traveling to and from the Point Connett and Angelica Point communities in Mattapoisett. These communities presently are accessed by Angelica Avenue. Due to coastal location and low elevation, this road is threatened by sea level rise and coastal storm damage. In the event Angelica Avenue becomes impassable, approximately 130 homes in Point Connett and Angelica Point would be cut off from emergency services, and residents would be unable to enter or leave their homes.

            The rebuilt Old Slough Road generally will follow the existing route from Angelica Avenue north to Bowman Road. The improved road will be a 12- foot wide gravel travel lane, with a one-foot wide gravel shoulder on each side. The improved road will have locked gates preventing vehicle traffic from entering at both the north and south ends, and these would be opened only in emergency situations. In normal times, the improved road would be passable for walkers, hikers, horseback riders and bicycles. No motorized vehicles would be permitted. Persons with mobility impairments also would be able to utilize the road if they are able to traverse a packed gravel surface.

            The Mattapoisett Select Board will hold a public hearing to describe the project and seek public comment on Tuesday evening, January 24, at 6:45 pm at Town Hall. Interested members of the public are welcome to attend either in person or via Zoom. Further information and engineering plans for the project can be found on the Town Administrator’s web page at

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