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Did you know that Westport, Massachusetts is home to one of the densest osprey populations in the world? Join us to learn all about these unique fish-eating raptors, from their nesting behavior and what makes a successful nest site, to the story of how community efforts in Westport brought osprey from the brink of DDT-induced extirpation to the thriving population we see today.

            Katelyn Depot holds a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology and has worked on Mass Audubon’s South Coast Osprey Project for five years, first as an intern and then as the osprey field technician at Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary. During the summer, she monitors about 100 osprey nests in Westport. She also spent one summer working on an osprey recovery project in Illinois. Learn more with the virtual event “Osprey on the Massachusetts South Coast” on Thursday, May 27, at 7:00 pm. Free. All are welcome. To find out more and to register, email Justin Barrett at or visit

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