Mattapoisett Library STEAM Projects To-Go

STEAM Projects To-Go brings a new project for January! STEAM Projects To-Go are created for busy teens grades 6 to 12 who still want to engage with library programming and their community. This month’s project will explore matter— anything that has mass and takes up space (or has volume). The project will be to fish for ice using ice, string, and salt. Further, it will inspire teens to take it one step further with a list of extension projects.

            Each Steam Project To-Go includes supplies needed for the project, instructions, information about the theme, a library book related to the theme, and ideas for more projects. If you are interested in getting a STEAM to go project, register at the library’s website,, on the calendar, or by calling the library. Once you have registered, you will be contacted to arrange pickup (library card required). If there are no spots left, please register for the waiting list.

            Please contact Michelle Skaar at or call the library for more information. All programs are free and open to the public.

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