Marion COA Learning and Leisure Lectures

All lectures begin at 12:45 pm at the Marion Music Hall, 164 Front Street, and are free and open to the community.

Monday, April 3: “Henry David Thoreau: Civil Disobedience.” Henry David Thoreau was an American poet, essayist, philosopher, naturalist and abolitionist. Professor of American Literature at UMass Dartmouth and Marion resident Charles White will present an informal lecture on Henry David Thoreau and his essay Civil Disobedience.

Monday, April 10: “Sippican School Jazz Band.” The philosophy of the music program at Sippican School is to expand each student’s musical education, demonstrate the benefits of consistent effort, instill the need for accountability and team work in each student, and to have FUN. Under the direction of Hannah Moore, we will be treated to an afternoon of music from the talented youth of the Sippican School Jazz Band.

Monday, April 24: “New England Pie: History Under a Crust.” Pie has been a delectable centerpiece of Yankee tables since Europeans first landed on New England’s shores in the seventeenth century. With a satisfying variety of savory and sweet, author Robert Cox takes a bite out of the history of pie and pie-making in the region. From the crackling topmost crust to the bottom layer, explore the origin and evolution of popular ingredients like the Revolutionary roots of the Boston cream.

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